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Our commitment to providing quality management is underlined by our investment in a number of ISO 9001 qualified models and procedures that we apply to projects.

This is why we have developed a thorough testing strategy that covers both project and continuous testing. This helps to ensure that projects are delivered accurately, on time and meet user expectations.

Comprehensive Testing Strategies

The aim of every project is to deliver into production without any issues or delays. We recognize that in order for this to happen, a thorough testing strategy must be defined early on.

we have the range and depth of expertise to take on large-scale, global testing projects. We have over 1,000 experienced SQA specialists with all-encompassing SQA techniques and tools who are deployed against a range of established, flexible, and cost-effective delivery models.

Our testing strategies actively encourage the use of automation, especially against repetitive tasks, which in turn delivers consistency and ensures optimal usage of resources.

We take a unique view of each project, assessing, recognising and priortising where key risks lie. We then place extra focus and attention on this critical component, ensuring any impact in delivery is minimised.

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